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Digitalising Risk Management

Building a digital risk twin  in practice entails connecting a company's operating system to the digital environment run by artificial intelligence algorithms in order to be able to identify the biggest business risks a company faces and to predict how they will occur in the future.

Companies are exposed to different factors having the potential of negatively or positively impacting the overall financial and risk situation of a company. Especially big multinational or multi-regional companies with wide spread networks of local portfolios, data bases, financing and investment exposures often have difficulties to asses the impact of single risk events on the overall risk situation in the company, not to mention to predict their possible evolution in the future.

Our task is to unify all the relevant data and to highlight and analyse your biggest business risks. While creating digital and AI driven risk management processes we help you make complex analysis in a simple way.  

In fact, there are two crucial entry points where the AI digital engine supports your operative system the most:  before you make your business decision and after making it.

At first, we are helping you simulate the impact every potential business decision you are about to make would have on your overall risk in real time. Furthermore, to predict how that risk would be "behaving" in the future. 

Once you have made your business decision, our digital risk engine is tracking everything what happens in real time and warns you about potential risks to occur in the future.