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D-DARKS Artificial Intelligence Hub is a bussines oriented service and product provider for real estate investors, banks and health care industry.

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Reaching ESG Governance standards

Reaching ESG Governance goals is getting a standard  for every industry. This is directly connected with introducing efficient digital transformation processes using fast, effective and technologically optimal solutions. 

Early Risk
Warning System

Introducing early risk warning systems is helping companies achieve financial sustainability, by making their strategic goals according to their objective expectations. International legislations are following this lead making it a necessary part of digital transformation efforts for every company, not matter the industry. 

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Creating synthetic data

We now have tools to create synthetic data which have all the attributes of real data, but without endangering their privacy protection. This can be extremely useful for industries with high data protection standards, such as the health industry or the banking business as well as for all other companies which are searching for possibilities to use highly advanced analytical methods.

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