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Christian Schitton

Product developer
Real Estate

Working for decades in Real Estate & Finance industry made me understand that decision makers are often hindered by bureaucracy and insufficient analytics. 

Now we have technological tools which are helping us to change the way risk decisions are made, by enabling us to introduce simple procedures and predict future events.

For this purpose we have created several AI driven solutions for real estate & financing industry and we are continuting to spread our interest to other industries, such as health care too!


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Dženeta Schitton

Combination of real estate, financing  and legal experiences are helping me understand the importance of data protection on the one hand and deep data analytics on the other side.

Being present in tech related topics last several years made me realise we do not have to sacrifise one for the sake of the other. Besides the fact that technological tools are becoming more diversiful and offering us more possiblities to make practical business solutions, also legal regulation is becoming more intuitive and business oriented. 


Real Estate
Legal tech 
Marketing & Branding


Starting as a debt financing restructuring negotiation team, after crisis in 2008, it was always our strong wish to help to improve business process efficiency and therefore decrease companies' time and costs.

With new innovative technologies and the increased need for remote and efficient controls, this task became the next logical step.

Last couple of years, Christian was especially engaged in the field of data science,  artificial intelligence  and their use in the real estate business, financing and the healthcare industry.

At the same time Dženeta, beside her engagement in the legal tech field, started to engage as an  active proponent of company digitalisation, focusing on possibilities offered by digital marketing and social media.

D-DARKS solution is a product built up to answer the biggest challenges with the incorporation of new tools, enabling  companies to face the risk  and management challenges in the new economy.

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